5 Sessions
12 week duration
August 16, 2020
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Program Starts July 12, 2020 (Sunday)

Kumbhak is the retention of breath, either after inhalation or after exhalation. Kumbhak Therapy is based on highly specialised and customized beath-hold techniques, which is done under the guidance of a Kumbhak Therapist.

Diabetes from the lens of Kumbhak

Diabetes is the loss of the strength of energy exchange in the cellular ecosystem of human body.

The solution is creating an internal trigger in the cellular ecosystem to generate strength for energy exchange. This internal trigger is created through breath hold or kumbhak.

Apart from immediately reducing blood glucose it also takes care of related issues like organ damage, neuropathy, blood pressure, etc. Along with these, kumbhak is the fastest way of reducing weight which you will experience through the program.

Particularly important to note here is that this program involves NO STRICT DIET CONTROL, NO PHYSICAL EXERCISES, JUST BREATH WORK.

This course is for any one with:
  • Type I or Type II Diabetes
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Pre Diabetes
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Blood Sugar Issues
  • Fatigue and Low Energy
  • Insulin Resistance

What you will get?

Group Sessions

There will be three live and interactive group sessions.


Separate session for personal coaching as per your unique requirements and diagnosis.

Lifestyle guidance

General and personalised food and herbal medicine/ supplements advice.

WhatsApp Group

A WhatsApp group will be created where one can get answers to any queries by the coach.

Some of the other outcomes

Fast weight reduction by empowering metabolism

Enhanced Intelligence and Emotional quotient of participants

enhanced focus & performance in sports and games

Core capacity building in various professional spheres

Mental and emotional disorder management

De-addiction for chain smokers & alcoholics

Numbers speak for themselves

1 %
out of medication
Day turnaround
Diet or exercise

Experience before you subscribe

The 60 minute interactive free webinar session will cover:

  • Modern medicine view of diabetes
  • Kumbhak view of diabetes
  • The root cause of diabetes
  • What is Kumbhak?
  • Kumbhak in relation to functional strength of the human body
  • Other benefits of Kumbhak
  • How can you come out of medicine in 42 days?
  • Q & A

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Is Prana Shakti Treatment (Kumbhak Therapy) the same as Pranic Healing?

No. Pranic Healing requires a medium. The subject doesn't have to do anything. The medium tries to put a curtain on the flow of prana. So, the flow is stopped not decimated. Therefore, there are two problems. One is the very medium can be faked very easily and there are more fakes. Then even if the person is ok then putting a block is not treatment. It will manifest in some other way.
Prana Shakti Treatment (Kumbhak Therapy)is obliterating the causal factor by working on it by the subject itself while creating the required capability to come out of a disease.

Is Kumbhak the same as Yoga? Is it similar to Pranayama or other kriyas taught by spiritual organisations?

The purpose of Yoga is Mukti/Freedom. Yoga is a quality or a state of being one with everything in creation. In yoga, health is a fringe benefit. Yoga is not for therapy, even though at many places, it is taught and learnt for therapy.
Many spiritual organisations teach various Kriyas and process aimed at taking one towards the state of Yoga.
We do no use the same Kriyas/methods. If we did, we would be very happy to acknowledge the source of the same and give the due credit to the individual or organisation.
Kumbhak (breath-hold methods) taught by Third Eye are aimed at therapy for chronic ailments. They are designed to strengthen the weak functional or organ function in an individual based on Prana Shakti Diagnosis.

If Kumbhak is like breathing practices, is it the same as Paranayam and Anulom Vilom?

Pranayam involves various ways of controlling the breathing, with the goal being to withdraw one’s senses from the outside world. Anulom Vilom is alternate breathing technique, which aims to bring balance within a system.
Kumbhak works on the holding of breath in emptiness or fullness of breath. The goal here is to build the capacity of a person towards a specific purpose, be it a disease, efficiency, action etc.

In Yoga, Kumbhak is discouraged? Is it because Kumbhak is harmful?

Yoga is aimed towards Mukti/Freedom. So, breath-holds are not commonly practiced. Kumbhak is a powerful natural trigger for the body. Anything powerful should be done with proper guidance and instructions. Even Yogic practices like asanas if need to be taught and done properly so that they work they are meant to.

I do Yoga or yogic practices? Why should I use Khumbak to treat my chronic ailments like Diabetes?

You need to look at few things:
a. Is the practice you are doing specially designed for you or is it general?
b. Are the practice geared towards generating a specific empowerment which can have a reversal effect on the specific disease you are struggling with?
If not, you can do a little exploration with Kumbhak. If while doing Kumbhak practices, you want to continue with yogic practices, then let us know the practice, so that we can advise accordingly.

What all can be Kumbhak used for?

Kumbhak or breath-hold methods can be used for
a. Therapy of chronic disease
b. Building capacity in professional spheres, including sports, academics etc.
c. For Yoga or spiritual growth.

I have never done Yoga or any other physical treatment? Will I be able to do Kumbhak Practices?

Kumbhak or breath-hold methods involve minimum use of the body. The practices can be learnt and done by anyone of any age (16 years and above). If you have a certain challenging condition like recent/earlier surgery, or any physical problem, the same can be shared at the start of a program and it’s taken care of.
Kumbhak practices can be done sitting on a floor or chair. In fact, they need to be done in a state of ease. In our current programs, we have people who are 60 plus. They are able to do the practices and are benefitting from the same.

Can a person with Asthma condition do Kumbhak?

Yes. In fact, people with asthmatic condition usually start benefitting rather quickly.

Can a person with conditions like Pace Maker do Kumbhak?

Yes. Also, the customisation helps in strengthening their heart functioning.

How much is needed to do Kumbhak practices for therapy? How long do I have to continue doing the practices?

Typically, a person needs to do Kumbhak practices for 20 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. This time can vary for individuals.
For therapy, Kumbhak should be done for at least 6 months to 1.5 years. Since every system is unique, so the time to come out of a chronic ailment can vary for individuals.

Once I come out of a condition like Diabetes or Hypothyroidism, do I have to continue to the Kumbhak practices?

The human body builds its strength based on the triggers one gives it. With a natural trigger like Kumbhak, you strengthen the weak functional aspects. Once the strength is gained, you may want to discontinue the practice. However, you will have the choice of continuing to build your functional strength so that as you grow older, your system will have to capability of handling the process of ageing and its related problems.