13 Sessions
12 week duration
August 9, 2020
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Program Starts – 14 June, 2020 (SUNDAY)

The program works in a three-step process:

The philosophy is simple. Our body becomes what we consume and what we do. And there is science behind it. Diets, practices, coaches and medications fail primarily because either they are not designed for your body or else you could not commit to it. 

The best way to mitigate those two challenges is by equipping your own self. This program is a unique opportunity to learn the science behind nutrition (specifically low carb, high healthy fat diet), develop and practice a success path through a highly experienced coach for your body and around the foods you like, and finally keep improving till you hit the sweet spot. 

If you think that LCHF (Keto) is only for non-vegetarians, THINK AGAIN! The program is equally effective for vegetarians and vegans as you will be thoroughly guided as to which foods to choose.

If you follow the program well, you will never need another nutrition expert again. 

Who should do it?

  • People who want to reduce weight in a safe, measurable way with Indian foods
  • People who wish to control/ manage their blood sugar levels and tackle diabetes
  • People who are looking to find relief from chronic conditions such as abdominal obesity, fatty liver, PCOS- PCOD, hypertension, hormonal imbalance and insulin resistance.
  • People who wish to feel happier, healthier, livelier, and more energetic
  • People who do not wish to blindly follow a dietary advice, because trust us, it doesn’t work!
  • People who wish to gain from loads of reference material and most importantly free Indian recipes
  • People who wish to explore the benefits of LCHF and/ or KETO diet in an Indian way

What will you gain?

  • Weight & inch loss
  • A better, healthier, more energetic you
  • Control food cravings. Tools to control the amount of food intake and achieve satiety in less
  • Improvement in health parameters - lipid profile, sugar levels, deficiencies etc
  • Relief in chronic ailments such as PCOD, hypertension, diabetes, fatty liver, arthritis etc

What you will get?

Live Sessions

There will be 4 live and interactive group sessions and 1 one-to-one session with the coach

Weight Tracking

- Inch Measurement Tracking
- Health Marker Tracking

Diet Tracking

Food diary tracking. Feedback will be received from the coach on diet followed

WhatsApp Group Support

A WhatsApp group will be maintained for 12 weeks, to get answers to any queries by the coach

Free Recipe Books

Various types of Indian LCHF recipe books (Veg/ NV/ Navratri) and food shopping list will be given


Additional supportive resources will also be shared to help you in the LCHF journey

Experience before you subscribe!

The 60 minute interactive free webinar session will cover:

  • Interpreting Blood sugar Report
  • How Food affects Blood Sugar
  • Nutrition basics (Macro & Micro)
  • Carbohydrate Intolerance & Insulin resistance
  • Metabolic Cycle Basics
  • Structured workout complements a well formulated eating plan
  • Q & A

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  • Admin bar avatar

    Bindu Gollapudi

    I know myself much better now

    I never knew migraine belonged here ... nor did I know when I had my diabetes about 9 years back that my PCOS was linked to it .. and I never knew cancer could fit this group ... and my sleep disorders fell here too ... and then my weight also belong here ... LCHF has opened my eyes to know that the route is one .. and am so happy I am not recovering from one only .. but my body is being restored as a whole from everything ... and that too with just what I eat ... As a child I gained weight after my puberty .. then came my pcos and then my diabetes and then my migraine ... what a linked reaction ... thank you Satyajit Dash for all the effort you take to explain things and share reference posts and answer all my why's ... God bless you as you add so much health to others lives
  • Admin bar avatar

    Rana Mitra

    I am gained in confidence

    I am doing perfectly fine these days and not to forget a lot more fitter too, all thanks to Satyajit, the fitness mentor - who lead me achieve my fitness goal to greater extent. I know our 3months program is over now , and yes I am very happy with the result I got in such time period. And I would like to continue under the supervision of your expertise and would be keen to start the KETO regime to accomplish my fitness goal. So please share the needful I have to do for the same."
  • Admin bar avatar

    Dr Kamlit Verma

    Getting better and better

    Yes and I started getting compliments of looking younger and slimmer . This give me more motivation . My knee problem ( arthritis )is solving by itself . Started feeling my knee joint is becoming stronger day by day . Doing weight training ..../ strength training .... And all happened because of you. Thanks again and again .
  • Admin bar avatar

    Sumitendra Das

    Simply fabulous

    "It's been a good 3 months now that I am on LCHF diet and the most important and wonderful part is that not only I have lost around 10 kgs but I feel a lot more energetic and lively. I am already receiving wonderful compliments and I am sure in the coming days with Mr Satyajit"s guidance and coach I will shed more of the extra flab and will be much more leaner and fitter.Last but not the least and needless to say Mr Satyajit Dash has been a great coach for me in this amazing transformation of mine."
  • Admin bar avatar

    Harish Milwani

    I will recommend the program to everyone with health issues

    My journey for LCHF started one year back on 8th May 2016. It has been a great experience during this period. Thanks to Satyajit Dash for guiding me through my journey. I had reduced my fat from 100 kg to 88 kg in the first 3 months and mainting the same in the next 9 months. Now I am mainting my weight at 84-85 kg. Feeling wonderful now with full energy level and feeling very light. My blood pressure medicines have become just half. All credit goes to Satyajit. I sincerely recommend him to thoes who need advice on health related issues. Thanks once again for his great advice.
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Why do call it a "Lifestyle Program"?

97% of dieters regain everything they lost and then some within three years (Center for Disease Prevention, US). Diet plans fail! There are many factors around it - lack of education, indiscipline, putting dieters out of comfort and lack of movement. There is a need for a holistic and all encompassing health program which overcomes these challenges. As a result, we have devised an educational program which teaches you to become your own nutritionist, encourages discipline and tops the excel tracking based diet plan with exercises that suit you. So yes, it is much more than a diet plan. It is a "Lifestyle Program"

LCHF? Isn't it like KETO diet?

Both LCHF and KETO are based on the concept of ketosis. Both diets have the core philosophy of reducing carb intake and trigger the natural process of ketosis. However, the similarities end there. KETO is a harsh diet and is not for everyone. It drastically increases protein intake while LCHF and mainly this program emphasises on lowering carb intake and compensating that with healthier fat and increasing "moderate" intake of protein. Moreover, keto diet may not provide accessible food & ingredient options for those adhering to "Indian diet", especially when the dieter is a vegetarian. LCHF program is specifically designed for Indian (vegetarian & non vegetarian diets) keeping in mind the cultural and regional sensitivities as well as personal health goals.

I have chronic conditions like diabetes/ high BP/ fatty liver, etc. I need a medical diet.

The program requires you to fill in your medical details and enquires about your health and fitness goals before it begins. Moreover, all key health markers are tracked during the course of the program for maximum efficacy.

Motivation has always been a problem with me. Diets fail for me, at least in the long run.

Acceptance is the first step towards course correction. We are glad that this question crossed your mind. Knowledge is the tool for triggering useful behaviour. We equip you with knowledge & awareness and help you track your progress on a daily basis. Moreover, being part of a group with a common goal towards fitness keeps you motivated.

What exactly do I get in this program?

First and foremost, you get a diet plan with comprehensive tracking and guidance to achieve your health and fitness goals in a stipulated timeframe. Second, you get to learn from one of the best coaches in India on how diet works. Every session is designed to equip you to become your own nutritionist, forever. But that's not all, you get to be a part of a dedicated WhatsApp group with 24/7 support. To top it all, you get free recipe books to help you make your transformational journey easier.