Diabetes Reversal Through Kumbhak

Kumbhak is the retention of the breath in pranayama, either after inhalation, the inner or Antara Kumbhak, or after exhalation, the outer or Bahya Kumbhak (also called Bahir Kumbhak). The program allows the subscriber to chart the path towards not only getting rid of Diabetes medication but also observe remarkable improvements in several co-morbidities you […]

I am Light

Introduction to the event The course is an initialisation to chakra meditation. Chakra awakening is a long and deeply personal journey. This course equips with the tools and techniques to explore your Chakras and find the rhythm to walk on that path. With the session being live and interactive, there is always an opportunity to […]

Weight Loss with LCHF

The program allows to you not only understand the how diet can work for you but it also you the path which will uniquely devised for you. It equips you with the tools for not only weight management but also deal with many co-morbidities such diabetes, obesity, PCOD, hypertension, hormonal imbalance and many more. Experience […]