August 15, 2020


5:00 pm

Building Resilience with Mindfulness

Alok Taunk
Alok Taunk

Mental Wellness & Corporate Coach | Mindfulness Expert

About the Workshop:

Building resilience for the new normal via Mindfulness is an interactive & experiential webinar, specially designed for young professionals, corporates & entrepreneurs, focusing on building a strong & resilient mindset in order to sail smooth through crisis, especially the one that we are facing right now due to the pandemic. The current situation is demanding a lot from us as we are left with no choices but to somehow move forward in these uncertain & unfortunate times.

Resilience through mindfulness


Being mentally fit & resilient needs to be on the top shelf as mental & emotional stability shall lead to a better cognitive state for taking informed decisions & making better choices, while staying in midst of this chaos.

This webinar shall be a LIVE interaction by Alok Taunk – Mindfulness Coach.

Alok shall be sharing Mindfulness based implementable insights, frameworks, processes, that can prove to be super handy & shall be helpful in building awareness, mental resilience & cognitive clarity. He shall also guide you through an intensive experiential Mindfulness process for building mental muscles, something that you would not want to miss!

Who should register?


Resilience through mindfulness

If you are a working professional, an entrepreneur, a business owner or working in a corporate setup, this webinar is for you because this is the time when you should be investing in your holistic growth for breeding clarity & resilience for the times to come.

What will you learn & experience in the workshop?

  • Scientific Mindfulness framework for better clarity, awareness & decision making.
  • The importance of rediscovering ourselves for excelling in the times to come.
  • Scientifically tested breathing techniques for instantly activating relaxation response & immunity.
  • Intensive guided mindfulness processes for mental & emotional resilience.
  • Therapeutic movements for correcting posture.
  • Scientifically crafted mindfulness meditation for training focus & awareness.
  • Daily routine & rituals for an elevated life experience.
  • Q&A

Additional benefits

  • WhatsApp group membership – You will become a part of a WhatsApp broadcast group & receive daily inspirational wisdom shots.
  • Resources – You will receive Mindfulness resources for self-practice & growth.

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Webinar duration & structure

  • 1 hr 30 mins + Q & A
  • Concept clarity + Framework + Activity + Experiential session + Takeaways + Q&A

About Alok Taunk

Mental wellness & corporate coach | Mindfulness expert

Alok is a co-founder of a leading Mindfulness & self-development organisation. He works closely with individuals & organisations as their wellness partner & focuses on mental, emotional & physical wellbeing. He is a staunch advocate of mental wellness & holds a motto of helping people to stay inspired & mindful. As he believes that the single most important quality that can lead to an elevated & successful life is conscious living.

Alok has been practicing various self enhancement processes from the age of 15 & also has carried out various scientific studies to understand the positive impact of these sciences on the human body & mind. Mindfulness happens to be one of his favourites. Based on his hardcore corporate experience of around 15 years, Alok brings with him some practical Mindfulness tools & techniques for elevating awareness, improving performance & ultimately leading a successful life. These principles & techniques can be applied in various aspects of life. So what are you waiting for? Register for this webinar, now!



Alok Taunk

Mental Wellness & Corporate Coach | Mindfulness Expert

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Building Resilience with Mindfulness

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  • August 15, 2020
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