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Kumbhak is the retention of breath, either after inhalation (inner or Antara Kumbhak) or after exhalation (outer or Bahya or Bahir Kumbhak). Diabetes from the lens of Kumbhak Diabetes is […]

Diabetes Reversal Through Kumbhak

Kumbhak is the retention of breath, either after inhalation (inner or Antara Kumbhak) or after exhalation (outer or Bahya or Bahir Kumbhak).

Diabetes from the lens of Kumbhak

Diabetes is loss of the strength of energy exchange in the cellular ecosystem of the human body.

The solution is creating an internal trigger in the cellular ecosystem to generate strength for energy exchange. This internal trigger is created through breath hold or kumbhak.

Apart from immediately reducing blood glucose it also takes care of related issues like organ damage, neuropathy, blood pressure, etc. Along with these, kumbhak is the fastest way of reducing weight which you will experience through the program.

Particularly important to note here is that this program involves NO STRICT DIET CONTROL, NO PHYSICAL EXERCISES, JUST BREATH WORK.

This course is for any one with:
  • Type I or Type II Diabetes
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Pre Diabetes
  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Blood Sugar Issues
  • Fatigue and Low Energy
  • Insulin Resistance

What you will get?

Group Sessions

There will be three live and interactive group sessions.


Separate session for personal coaching as per your unique requirements and diagnosis.

Lifestyle guidance

General and personalised food and herbal medicine/ supplements advice.

WhatsApp Group

A WhatsApp group will be created where one can get answers to any queries by the coach.

Some of the other outcomes

Fast weight reduction by empowering metabolism

Enhanced Intelligence and Emotional quotient of participants

enhanced focus & performance in sports and games

Core capacity building in various professional spheres

Mental and emotional disorder management

De-addiction for chain smokers & alcoholics

Numbers speak for themselves

1 %
out of medication
Day turnaround
Diet or exercise

Experience before you subscribe

The 60 minute interactive free webinar session will cover:

  • Modern medicine view of diabetes
  • Kumbhak view of diabetes
  • The root cause of diabetes
  • What is Kumbhak?
  • Kumbhak in relation to functional strength of the human body
  • Other benefits of Kumbhak
  • How can you come out of medicine in 42 days?
  • Q & A
Rajeev Ranjan

Rajeev Ranjan

Kumbhak Yogi

Graced by a Himalayan Master, Rajeev has dedicated himself into research on Prana and Shakti aspects of human existence. In the process he has evolved solutions for chronic ailments, mental health, de-addiction, core capability enhancement, to name a few. Along the way he has discovered and implemented tools and techniques to empower mankind. He has discovered Elemental Pattern Diagnosis. He has also been able to revive the rare Samyukti Kala, Vyaana Kala, Kumbhak Paddhati and Yoga Upnishads. He is closely involved in creating awareness of energy consecration/creating presence. He served as a spiritual and wellness advisor to CEOs and Business Owners, Public figures, and celebrities alike.Qualification MSc (TQM), Stambh Kala (learned through Guru - Shishya parampara)Expertise Yoga | Pregnancy Care | Psychological Wellbeing | Women Health | Meditation | Weight Loss | Chronic Ailments | Spiritual Healing | Mindfulness | Stress Management | Productivity TrainerExperience 10+ years in Yogic kriyas and therapy

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