Diabetes Reversal Through Kumbhak Rajeev ranjan

Kumbhak is the retention of the breath in pranayama, either after inhalation, the inner or Antara Kumbhak, or after exhalation, the outer or Bahya Kumbhak (also called Bahir Kumbhak). The program allows the subscriber to chart the path towards not only getting rid of Diabetes medication but also observe remarkable improvements in several comorbidities you may be having (obesity, hypertenstion, PCOD, asthma, etc.).

Particularly important to note here is that this program involves NO STRICT DIET, NO PHYSICAL EXERCISES, JUST BREATH WORK. 

Kumbhak Free webinar Rajeev Ranjan

Additional Kumbhak Outcomes Rajeev Ranjan diabetes reversal

Kumbhak Diabetes management numbers rajeev ranjan Kumbhak

Experience before you subscribe

The 60 minute interactive free webinar session will cover:

  • Interpreting Blood sugar Report
  • How Food affects Blood Sugar
  • Nutrition basics ( Macro & Micro)
  • Metabolic Cycle Basics ( fat & carb Metabolism)
  • Insulin / Insulin sensitivity / Insulin resistance
  • Addressing Insulin Resistance
  • Insulin / Insulin sensitivity / Insulin resistance
  • Structured workout complements a well formulated eating plan

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