Chakra Meditation

Introduction to the event

The course is an initialisation to chakra meditation. Chakra awakening is a long and deeply personal journey. This course equips with the tools and techniques to explore your Chakras and find the rhythm to walk on that path. With the session being live and interactive, there is always an opportunity to learn directly from the expert and get the poignant questions answered.

Who should attend

Anyone who wishes to explore the inner self and become self aware. The course should also be done by those who are inquisitive about Chakras and want to “feel” rather than just “read”. The course is an extremely powerful tool to destress and to find inner peace.

Bit about the facilitator

Dr. Garima is an experienced Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the alternative medicine industry. She is a specialist in Holistic Ayurveda. Healing Mind, Body & Soul the Ayurveda Way, skilled in Ayurveda Psychotherapy. Dr. Garima believes in complete health i.e. physical, psychological & spiritual. No matter what is the disease, she works on the root cause, provides you holistic healing naturally and you will feel happy and healthy. She also works with corporates and provides unique tools to line managers as well as employees in general to be healthier, resourceful and productive in their work.

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