LCHF Free webinar Satyajit Dash

The program allows to you not only understand the how diet can work for you but it also you the path which will uniquely devised for you. It equips you with the tools for not only weight management but also deal with many co-morbidities such diabetes, obesity, PCOD, hypertension, hormonal imbalance and many more.

LCHF Satyajit Dash free webinar

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The 60 minute interactive free webinar session will cover:

  • Interpreting Blood sugar Report​
  • How Food affects Blood Sugar​
  • Nutrition basics ( Macro & Micro)​
  • Metabolic Cycle Basics ( fat & carb Metabolism)​
  • Insulin / Insulin sensitivity / Insulin resistance​
  • Addressing Insulin Resistance​
  • Insulin / Insulin sensitivity / Insulin resistance​
  • Structured workout complements a well formulated eating plan​

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